8 Boho Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

8 Boho Themed Classroom Decor Ideas

Bohemian, or 'boho,' style is known for its eclectic, artistic, and relaxed vibe, making it a perfect theme for a cozy, engaging classroom. The style’s unique mixture of patterns, textures, and nature-inspired elements can create a warm and inviting learning environment. Here are the top eight boho classroom theme ideas that blend creativity, charm, and learning in one space.


1. Nature-Inspired Colors and Patterns

The boho theme is all about natural, earthy tones. Think of colors like greens, browns, tans, and creams mixed with splashes of vibrant hues like oranges and purples. These colors should be the base when choosing wall paint, carpets, or furniture. Layer in patterned textiles like ikat, paisley, or tribal print to capture the free-spirited aesthetic of the boho style.

To complement this, consider incorporating nature-inspired art. For example, you might be interested in my insect paintings, which are a perfect fit for this aesthetic. Their organic shapes and patterns beautifully align with the boho style while adding an educational touch.

2. Boho Wall Art

Boho wall art is a significant part of this aesthetic, providing an opportunity to express creativity and add personality to your classroom. Opt for art pieces that incorporate natural elements, earthy colors, and a mix of patterns. You can choose pieces with botanical, geometric, or mandala designs that bring the boho vibe to life.

Hand-painted canvas art, batik or block-printed tapestries, and woven or macramé wall hangings can all add rich textures and patterns to the classroom. As an added bonus, these pieces can inspire creativity and appreciation for various art forms in your students.

Remember, the boho style is about creating a unique, relaxed atmosphere that reflects your personality and that of your students. There are no hard and fast rules – so feel free to mix and match different types of art that resonate with you and your students.

3. Indoor Plants

Plants are a key component of the boho aesthetic. They bring life to the room and can improve indoor air quality. Larger potted plants like a peace lily or snake plant can go on the floor, while smaller ones like succulents or ivy can sit on shelves or windowsills. Hanging plants like spider plants or string of pearls can save space while adding an interesting visual element.

4. Eclectic Furniture

Mix and match different styles and periods of furniture to achieve the boho look. You could pair traditional wooden chairs with a modern rug or vintage bookshelves. Flea markets and second-hand stores are great places to find unique pieces. Also, consider flexible seating options like floor cushions, beanbags, or hammock chairs to add a cozy touch.

5. Boho Reading Corner

Create a boho reading nook with a canopy tent filled with comfy pillows and soft lighting. Drape a colorful quilt over the back of a couch or add a plush rug for students to sit on. This will not only make reading more enjoyable but will also create a distinct area in the classroom where students can relax and read.

6. Ethnic and Global Influences

The boho style embraces different cultures. You can introduce this by displaying ethnic art, patterned rugs, or hanging lanterns from various parts of the world. This can serve as a great conversation starter about global cultures and diversity.

7. Creative Lighting

Skip the harsh fluorescent lights and opt for softer lighting options to create a warm, relaxed ambiance. String lights, fairy lights, paper lanterns, or lampshades with warm bulbs can provide the perfect glow. Always ensure that there's enough light for students to read and work comfortably.


8. Recycled and Handmade Elements

Incorporate handmade and recycled items to reflect the sustainable aspect of the boho lifestyle. Use old crates for storage, recycled material for art projects, or have students bring in old books for a classroom library. Also, consider having students create DIY boho decor like dream catchers or painted rocks.

Implementing a boho theme can transform your classroom into a warm, welcoming, and globally-minded space that invites creativity and encourages learning. Remember, the best part of boho style is its rule-breaking spirit, so don't be afraid to mix, match, and create a space that reflects your teaching style and your students' unique personalities.


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