Forest Themed Bedroom Ideas for Kids: Making Bedtime an Adventure

Forest Themed Bedroom Ideas for Kids: Making Bedtime an Adventure

The hustle and bustle of city life can sometimes make it difficult for kids to connect with nature. However, one of the easiest ways to foster this connection is by transforming their bedroom into a forest-themed haven. Not only will this make bedtime an adventure, but it will also inspire a deep appreciation and love for nature. Here are some ideas to help you create the ultimate forest-themed bedroom for your kids.


Nature-Inspired Color Palette

Start by choosing a nature-inspired color palette. Greens of varying shades will create the sense of being surrounded by leaves and trees, while earthy browns can depict the forest floor. Accents of bright colors from flowers or wildlife can also be added to the mix. For inspiration, take a look at our collections of colorful and vibrant art.


Forest-Inspired Wall Art

Nothing brings a room to life like vibrant, captivating wall art. Consider decorating the walls with art from my snake paintings collection. Each piece is an adventure on its own, evoking the mystery of forest wildlife that will surely spark your child's imagination.


Furniture and Bedding

Go for furniture with a rustic, natural feel to maintain the forest vibe. Consider a bed with a frame that resembles tree branches or wooden furniture that retains the texture and appearance of natural wood. When it comes to bedding, look for linens in shades of green, brown, or even camouflage patterns. Pillow covers featuring images of forest creatures can be a great addition.


Flooring and Rugs

Carpeting or rugs that resemble grass can add an exciting element to the room, enhancing the illusion of being in a forest. If you have wooden flooring, consider leaving it as is, since wood is synonymous with forests.


Mushroom-Inspired Decor

Mushrooms are a charming and quintessential part of the forest landscape. Our mushroom paintings bring an enchanting touch to any room. Consider using these as the focus for smaller decor items – mushroom-shaped lamps, for instance, or mushroom printed curtains.


Educational Elements

While designing a forest-themed bedroom is fun, it’s also a great opportunity to educate children about the importance of nature and conservation. Encourage children to learn about different snake and mushroom species by using informative labels or plaques next to the paintings.


Canopy Beds

Canopy beds can simulate the feeling of sleeping under the treetops in a forest. You can get canopies in different colors, but green or brown would keep the theme consistent.


Play Areas

Children love having a dedicated play area. Create a “campsite” or “treehouse” corner in the room for this purpose. You can use a tent or a loft bed styled like a treehouse.


Insect Art

Insects play an essential role in a forest ecosystem and children often find them fascinating. Decorate with insect art to capture the diverse and intricate world of forest insects.


Forest Sounds

Consider using a sound machine that plays forest sounds at night. The gentle sounds of rustling leaves, chirping insects, or a distant stream can be incredibly soothing and create a unique bedtime experience.



Creating a forest-themed bedroom is about more than just aesthetics. It’s about igniting a child's imagination, teaching them about different ecosystems, and helping them appreciate the beauty of nature. With our painting collections, you can add vibrant touches of realism to this theme, making it a memorable and educational space for your child. Good luck on your decorating adventure!

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